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Venice, Italy


Venice is a truly magical city in the northeast part of Italy. It is a city of stone built on the water. When anybody thinks of Venice though, the eye catching canals are what spring to mind. It is always bustling with tourists, especially in summer, however the city is so beautiful that somehow this does not detract from the overall experience. It is unique in that the city is actually spread out over 117 islands in the Adriatic Sea that are connected by hundreds of bridges and canals.

In a relatively tiny area, Venice harbours a wealth of artistic and architectural wonders that even many large nations couldn’t lay claim to. Some of Venice’s unique and overwhelming sights are displayed in showcase churches and major galleries.

Because of its closeness to the water, seafood has a large part in the diet of most people who live in Venice.

Top attractions and things to do in Venice:

  • Tour in Venice city
  • Visit St. Mark’s Basilica
  • See St. Mark’s Square When it’s Empty
  • Take the #1 Vaporetto for a Grand Canal Tour
  • Watch a Glass-Blowing Demonstration on Murano Island
  • Tour the Doge’s Palace
  • Take the Elevator to the Top of the Campanile
  • a trip to Burano Island.
  • Take a Hike on Torcello Island
  • “Window” Shop at the Rialto Market

Venice is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Nothing quite prepares you for Venice, even after seeing it a million times in tourist brochures, guidebooks, or films. You'll fall in love at first sight and will stand in awe of its architecture, piazzas, and canal views until the very last minute before you leave.