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Argentina, with over a million square miles of territory, it's the world's eighth largest nation. Being the second-largest country in Latin America,Argentinaoccupies most of the southern part of the South American continent.  Bounded by the Atlantic Ocean in the east and south; its neighbours areBrazilandUruguayto the North-east and east,BoliviaandParaguayto the north andChileto the West.


Argentinais one of the most beautiful and exotic countries in the world.Argentinais full of attractions and sights to see. You can take a spectacular boat ride through the Iguazú-waterfalls, and then enjoy a leisurely study of wine in one of the bodegas or wine cellars ofMendoza..

Argentina’s diverse and elongated geography gives visitors opportunities to have a different travel menu depending on the season.

Argentinais the birthplace of the famous Tango dance.


Argentinaoffers a distinct and beautiful geography, interesting history and culture, thriving nightlife, unique local flavors, endless shopping opportunities, and much more.






Buenos Aires


Buenos Airesis the capital and the largest city ofArgentina.Buenos Airesis the most sought tourist attraction inSouth Americaand is popular for its European architecture and brimming cultural life. It is sometimes called the Paris of South America due to the strong European influences found in the city.



La Boca


La Boca, Literally Buenos Aire´s most colorful barrio (neighbourhood), it was settled and built up by Italian immingrants along the Riachuelo, a sinuous waterway lined with meatpacking plants and werehouses that separates the capital proper from the industrial suburb of Avellaneda in Buenos Aires province. I




One of the locations you’ll definitely want to visit is the Pampas – the large, almost endless grassy flat lands ofArgentina. The Pampas are home to huge herds of cattle that graze on this fertile land that are raised by the gauchos –Argentina’s version of cowboys.



Iguazú Falls


People come from all over the world to see what is perhapsArgentina’s star natural attraction: the mightyIguazúFalls. Made up of some 275 individual waterfalls and cascades, the park in which they’re located has an amazingly comprehensive and well-maintained set of catwalks that allow you get right up close and personal with the vast sprays of water.



Moreno Glacier


The Perito Moreno Glacier is an enormous glacier located in theLosGlaciaresNational Park. It is one of the most important tourist attractions inArgentinadue to its size and accessibility. It is less than two hours by bus from El Calafate while viewing platforms and trails make the visit and the observation easy and pleasant. Boat tours are also a popular way of seeing the Perito Moreno Glacier and many other glaciers and places in the National Park Los Glaciares.


Valdez Peninsula


ValdezPeninsulais a paradise for birds and animal lovers inPatagonia's Atlantic coast....sea lions, sea elephants, penguins, whales and provably a million birds.





BarilocheArgentinais a progressiveSouthern Argentinacity and growing swiftly due to its healthy environment. It is located on a picturesque lake and in theAndesmountains range. Bariloche is also the jumping off point for out door adventures in thePatagoniaregion. But this quaint mountain town is most famous for it’s world class skiing.


Tierra del Fuego


An experience like no other is to travel to the southernmost point of the world and explore the 'LandofFire'. Here you will be astounded by the incredible sprawling landscapes characterised by bleak expanses of land and awe inspiring glaciers. Wrap up warm and prepare yourself for the journey of a lifetime inArgentina'sTierra del Fuego.


National Parks


Argentinaposseses numerous National Parks especially created to preserve landscapes, geological, and palaeontologic patrimonies, and autochthonous flora and fauna of the country.

These parks have different geographical characteristics and quite varied surroundings.




The second-largest city in all ofArgentina,Cordobacontains a number of buildings left over from Spanish colonialism, such as churches and part of the oldest university in the nation.Cordobais often considered to be one of the most culturally rich cities in the nation as well.



The Wine Country


The provinces ofSan Juan,Mendozaand San Luis formed the original Cuyo Region where the most important vineyards ofArgentinaare located. It is a must see for all wine lovers but also in theMendozaprovince, tourists can enjoy the Provincial Park Aconcagua. The mountain of this name is the highest in theAmericasat 22,841 feet (6,962 metres).