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The United Arab Emirates is one of the world's youngest nations. It is located in the Middle East, bordering the Gul fof Oman and the Persian Gulf, between Oman and Saudi Arabia

 The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a federation of seven states formed in 1971 by the then Trucial States after independence from Britain. Each of the emirates and every one is famous for its beauty.

UAE or theUnited Arab Emiratesis a nation rich in its oil & natural gas resources. The United Arab Emirates' Human Development Index is relatively very high as compared to the other Asian nations and it ranks 39th in this aspect globally.

As time goes on, UAE attractions keep growing in number and size. Though there are many natural UAE attractions found throughout the country there are also an amazing number of man-made attractions that have drawn a lot of attention to the region. It is one of the world's fastest growing tourist destinations, has all the right ingredients for an unforgettable holiday, sun, sand, sea, sports, unbeatable shopping, top-class hotels and restaurants, an intriguing traditional culture, and a safe and welcoming environment.

For most Western tourists, the UAE offers an environment that is extremely familiar. The malls are extraordinarily modern, filled with virtually any product available in the West (save sexually explicit material; movies are censored, as are, to some extent, magazines). The less well known side of the UAE includes remote, magnificent desert dunes on the edge of the Empty Quarter and craggy, awe-inspiring wadis in the north-east borderingOman.

Because of the popular shopping centers and the fascinating night life this country became the popular tourist spot. TheUnited Arab Emiratesis a modern and dynamic country. To some, it is an advanced and clean country, to others a touristy "Disneyland".





Most visitors to the United Arab Emirates end to arrive in the coastal city of Dubai, which has become known for its white sandy beaches, water sports, desert safaris, theme parks, epic shopping malls and many spectacular sites. These include the seven-star Jumeirah Beach Hotel, the PalmIs land sand the Burj Dubai skyscraper, which is currently the world's tallest structure made by man and towers high above the city's skyline.


Dubai attractions:

  • Burj Khalifa
  • The Dubai Mall
  • Burj Al Arab
  • Atlantis
  • Souk Madinat Jumeirah


Abu Dhabi:

Once a mere fishing village,Abu Dhabi grew with the discovery of oil, turning into a modern metropolis.. Surrounded by several small islands with spectacular white sand beaches, multibillion resorts, broad boulevards, and dazzling shopping malls,Abu Dhabi positively brims up with intriguing and fascinating attractions. Before you book your business class air travel to the city, here is a list of few must-visit places in Abu Dhabi.


Abu Dhabi attractions:

  • Al Maqtaa Fort
  • Dhow Cruising
  • KhalifaParkand Museum
  • HeritageVillage
  • Camel Market


Sharjah City

The city of Sharjah is the cultural capital of the Arab World by UNESCO. Strategically situated between the Far East and the West, Sharjah is a center of world trade and the third largest of the seven countries that make up the United Arab Emirates. Sharjah is also known for its beautiful beaches on the coast of the Persian Gulf known.


Sharjah City attractions:

  • Sharjah Arts Museum
  • Sharjah Natural History Museum and Desert Park
  • Sharjah - Central Market
  • Sharjah Cricket Association Stadium
  • Sharjah - Souqs


Ras al-Khaimah

With the completion of the new Emirates Highway, RAK is only about one hour from the emirate of Dubai. The Emirate Ras Al Khaimah combines a fascinating and a relaxing tourist hub with its calm blue seas with clean white beaches, dramatic desert dunes and the majestic Hajjar Mountains.


Ras al-Khaimah Attractions

  • KhattHot Springs
  • National Museum of Ras Al Khaimah
  • Hajar Mountains
  • Manar Mall
  • Saqr Park



Fujairah is known for its clean beaches and the emirate offers various water sports such as swimming, sailing, water surfing and deep sea fishing.


Fujairah Attractions

  • AlHayl Castle and Bitnah Fort
  • Bull Butting
  • Fujairah Fort
  • Fujairah Heritage Village
  • Fujairah Museum
  • Dibba


Umm al-Quwain

Umm Al Quwain is translated as “Mother of Two Powers”, referring to the tradition of seafaring among tribes in the emirate. It is said that Umm Al Quwain (UAQ) is the best place in the world for people who enjoy sounds of waves and peace. Sailing in the calm water of lagoon offers best and most interesting sailing in the Northern Emirates.

Umm al-Quwain attractions:

  • Falaj Al-Mualla
  • Al Dur Island
  • Al Siniyyah Island
  • Dreamland Aqua Park
  • Umm Al Quwain Marine Club



This small emirate offers its own humble string of draw cards that includes shopping, a museum, an attractive Corniche, a dhow yard and sandy, palm-fringed beaches. Attractions aside,Ajman's location and relatively laid-back vibe make it a worthy base for tourists intent on exploring the rest of the emirates.

Ajman attractions

  • Mowaihat
  • Dhow Yard
  • Ajman Museum



General Info.:

Capital: Abu Dhabi

Population: 8,264,070

Language: Arabic

Currency: The UAE dirham (AED)

Religion: Islam

Climate: desert; cooler in eastern mountains

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