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Ukraine, one of the biggest European countries located in the geographical centre of Europe between Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Belarus and Russia and backing onto the Black Sea.. It is situated at the intersection of the Eastern and Western worlds, on the edge of different civilizations and mentalities Ukraine is a country of rich history, one of the oldest cultures of the continent, the cradle of Slavic peoples. This is a country of beautiful cities, virtuosic architectural ensembles, luxurious churches, cathedrals and monasteries, and marvelous landscape parks.

It is a fact that Ukraine is being among the most unspoiled tourist destinations that will make your stay in this country refreshing, surprising, and most authentic.

Ukraine is a very vivid country, rich in culture and history. There is much to offer, many lovely sights, traditional sounds, decadent flavour and unique smells. A wide variety of attractions in Ukraine capture the interest of tourists from the world over. Visit this wonderful country and you will soon find there is always more to discover.




Crimean resorts

Crimea is a fascinating region to understand more about, as well as a great place to invest a vacation. Across the centuries it’s attracted settlers for example the Greeks, the Venetians and the Genoese – all of whom founded cities along the coast and inter-married with the residents.


Carpathian Mountains

The Carpathian Mountains is filled with resorts and tourist centres.  It is filled with wildlife, small villages, and meadows.  It is also the mysterious inspiration for a variety of vampire novels over the years.


Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine

The most interesting city you must visit if you are in Ukraine is the country's capital - Kyiv.

Come to Kiev and get ready for lots of pleasant surprises! You will definitely appreciate the hospitality of the locals and rapid life of the big city wrapped in emerald parks and gardens.



One of the oldest cities in Europe, Lviv is an important political and cultural centre in the Western Ukraine. Lviv, the city ofLions, is the perhaps the most picturesque and European of all Ukrainian cities. The city has long been the seat of Ukrainian nationalism, and the locals pride themselves as being the drivers of Ukraine's European aspirations.



The most interesting thing to see in Odessa is the old town itself. The city was once the center for trade for the Russian Empire as well as an intellectual and artistic centre prior to the revolution and during theSoviet Union. Much of the grandeur of the city dates from the period before the Soviet takeover and subsequently Odessa shows its age.



Yalta is a perfect city to visit. It is Home to many hotels and spas, with the Black Sea as a relaxing environmental back drop.Yalta is also famously known for being the house of the Yalta Conference, where the United States, the United Kingdom, and the Soviet Union met at the Lativia Palaceto discuss the state of Europe at the conclusion on World War II.




It is old city, which has a lot of historical and architecture monuments. ” Stare Misto”, a majestic stone fortress with numerous fortifications and intricate architectural decorations, which dates back to the beginning of the 12th century, is the heart of this medieval place. This marvelous city is considered a phenomenon of great cultural importance. Kamyanets-Podilsky is well known for the harmonious combination of beautiful landscape and medieval architecture.



Chernihiv, city, north-central Ukraine, on the Desna River, northeast of is beautiful and picturesque land.

Chernihiv is a pleasant small town with stately buildings from the Russian Imperial period and, of course, the much more ancient Orthodox churches.


Sofyivka Park

For those of you who are mobile we have a suggestion for a one day trip you can manage at any weekend.Sofyivka Parkis a perfect place for a family or solitary walk and rest, to relax and enjoy a sunny day.



Poltava- is the regional center, a city on the left-bank in central Ukraine. The city is rich in many historical and cultural monuments, places of rest, quiet and comfortable boulevards and squares.


General info.



Capital: Kyiv (Kiev)


Population: 44,854,065


Language: Ukrainian (official) 67%, Russian 24%, other (includes small Romanian-, Polish-, and Hungarian-speaking minorities) 9%


Currency: Ukrainian hryvnia


Religion: The dominant religion in Ukraine is Orthodox Christianity, which is currently split between three Church bodies: the Ukrainian Orthodox Church autonomous church body under the Patriarch of Moscow, the Ukrainian Orthodox Church – Kiev Patriarchate, and the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church


Climate: Ukraine has a mostly temperate continental climate, although the southern Crimean coast has a humid subtropical climate


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