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Sweden, the largest of the Nordic countries, established itself as a monarchy in the 16th century and became a major European power

Sweden is one of Europe's best kept secrets. The country has so much to offer. Besides, it's very affordable nowadays and the climate is much better than most people think.

Sweden has long been an open and accepting society and international influences have shaped and enriched Swedish culture. As in all cultures, however, many old customs and usages remain; foreigners may at times find these unusual, puzzling or even amusing.

Sweden is also a place to experience colorful folkloric festivals such as the Midsummer Celebration (end of June) and sophisticated art events.

Sixty percent of the country lies north of the Arctic Circle and flaunts mountains, rivers, and forests. The Swedes live a simple life, valuing equality and self reliance. Their culture is eclectic; a mix of Denmark, Norway, England, Germany, and France.

Sweden is a country rich in opportunities; from the Arctic beauty of the North with its midnight sun, to the castles of the southernmost province Skåne with its more continental flavor.




Ales Stones (Ales Stennar)

Ales stenar, a prehistoric stone ship monument in Scania, southern Sweden. The Ales Stenar was built by members of a warlike community of seafarers who used a variety of of methods, including slaves, to collect and raise the boulders.



Visby, Gotland Island

Visby, a storied seaport and your gateway to Gotland, is Sweden's most alluring island resort. A popular trading spot since the Viking Age, the island has soul and enough medieval architecture to take you back a few centuries. In fact, there are over 92 thirteenth - century churches still in use throughout the island. And Sweden's sunniest vacation destination is also blessed with beautiful sandy beaches, moors and meadows - ideal for those looking for some outdoor action.




Stockholm has a unique location, great architecture, historical sights, famous museums, huge parks, a vibrant nightlife, trendy shops – and an archipelago of 24,000 islands just around repparttar 138107 corner. It's a remarkably clean and safe city as well. If you haven’t seen Stockholm, you haven’t seen Sweden.



Uppsala Cathedral

The tallest ancient monument of Scandinavia is Uppsala Cathedral which is situated in the center of the ancient Swedish city, Uppsala. This historic cathedral was inaugurated in 1435 by archbishop Olaus Laurentii and it was associated with Saint Lawrence, Saint Eric and Saint Olaf who were the renowned saints of Scandinavian region at that times.



Drottningholm Palace

Drottningholm palace "Royal palace", near Stockholm.

Drottningholm exploits the surrounding landscape, like all the great baroque gardens. And inside it also has Italian Classical elements and is capped by a Nordic sateri roof.It was made for Queen Hedwig Eleonora, widow of Karl X, mother of Karl XI and grandmother of the warrior Karl XII.



The Kingdom of Crystal

All year around, visitors are welcome to the glassworks to watch the fascinating acts of talented glass blowers creating beautiful crystal glass and colourful artworks by working with hot and glowing glass mass from the ovens. In the glass shops, you can pick up real bargains on glass of second quality.



Carlsten Fortress

Carlsten Fortress was established by Swedish King Carl X in the seventeenth century, and substantially extended and strengthened during the next couple of hundred years. Many thousands of visitors come every year to explore here.




When it comes to music, Gothenburg is the definite number one in Sweden. After all, this is the city that gave us the bands Ace of Base, Hammerfall, Mustasch and Soundtrack Of Our Lives.




For those with an interest in history, and for those looking for sensory stimulation and great experiences, Uppsala Cathedral, Uppsala Castle and Museum Gustavianum are at your disposal.



Stockholm Archipelago

No trip to Stockholm is complete without at least a short excursion to the archipelago. It consists of 24,000 islands, from big to small, some inhabited, and others large enough for only a smattering of wildflowers. Exploring the archipelago thoroughly could take a long, pleasant lifetime.


General info.


Capital: Stockholm

Population: 9,103,788

Language: Swedish (official), small Sami- and Finnish-speaking minorities

Currency: Swedish Krona

Religion: Lutheran 87%, other (includes Roman Catholic, Orthodox, Baptist, Muslim, Jewish, and Buddhist) 13%

Climate: temperate in south with cold, cloudy winters and cool, partly cloudy summers; subarctic in north

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