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Russia is the world's largest country, located in Eastern Europe and northern Asia, Most people in Russia live in the European part of the country. Dominates the urban population.

Russia is unique country with its vast territory providing residence for millions of is the only country in the world washed by 12 seas.

Russia is the country of vast landscapes, vibrant life, beautiful contrasts, and interesting people.

Russia is often associated with two main cities,Moscow and St. Petersburg. This is the heartland of former Imperial Russia, and these great and ancient cities often become the focus for most tourists visiting Russia.

Hospitality plays a significant role in the Russian mentality and the Russian character, so once you make friends with Russian people you will surely value this amazing and unique feature of the so-called "Wide Russian soul".

This beautiful and enigmatical country welcomes you and invites you to dive into amazing time.

You have a lot of advantages to spend your vacation inRussia.




Kremlin – Moscow

The Russian Government or the Kremlin (“fortress”) is an actual citadel, including a palace, cathedrals, an armoury and several government buildings, most of which are available for the public view. The Russian fortress includes buildings with fascinating history and a visit here should take half a day at least.


Red Square – Moscow

Red Squarecame into its own in the 20th Century, when it was most famous as the site of official military parades demonstrating to the world the might of the Soviet armed forces

Today it's hard to think of a place that is more beloved of Muscovites and visitors to the city. The varied beauty of the architecture and the magical atmosphere belie the square's often brutal and bloody history, but the combination makesRed Squarea truly fascinating place that you'll want to come back to again and again


St. Basil’s Cathedral – Moscow

St. Basils Cathedral still lets its visitors feel the spirit of ancientRussia.


The Church of Our Savior on Spilled Blood – St. Petersburg

With such an extravagant name you’d expect a little bit of a story and that’s exactly what you get here at the Church of Our Saviouron the Spilt Blood. The exterior is rather fabulous and the interior has been wonderfully restored with walls lined with mosaics mimicking famous Russian artworks. 


The Winter Palace and Hermitage Museum – St. Petersburg

The State Hermitage in St. Peterburg is one of the top museums in Russia and the world, and the museum includes close to three million works of art. The Winter Palace, main building of five-building museums is breathtaking, and is just as beautiful as the artwork it contains. Read more about the Top 10 State Hermitage Museum Attractions in a separate article on this site.


Mamayev Kurgan – Volgograd

The battle of Stalingrad (now Volgograd) is one of the most famous battles in European history as it killed Hitler’s dream of European conquest. The hill in Volgogradis now called Mamayev Kurgan and it stands at a height of 102 meters above sea level. This hill is a reminder of the violent battle between the Russian and Hitler’s forces where Russia finally won the battle crushing Hitler’s army.


St. Isaac’s Cathedral – St. Petersburg

This cathedral is the house to Bronze Horseman sculpture and is Located in St. Petersburg, this is the tallest church in Russia and it stands 101.5 meters tall. There is a huge collection of the paintings by Carlo Brullo in the cathedral.


The Bolshoi Theater – Moscow

Bolshoi Ballet - inRussia, Bolshoi literally means "big". An evening at the Bolshoi is still one of Moscow's most romantic options in a glittering 6 tier auditorium. Both opera and ballet companies perform there with several hundred artists between them.



This is one of the oldest cities inRussiaand dates back to the mid 9th century, when it became the political center of the Slavic and Fino-Ugrics tribes. It was accorded prime importance when the state of Kievan Rus was founded. During the middle ages, this city was thriving with art and paintings which can be found in many of the ancient churches.


The Tretyakovskaya Gallery-Moscow

The State Tretyakovskaya Gallery is the national treasury of Russian fine art and one of the greatest museums in the world. It is located not far from the Kremlin.


State Armoury

A treasure-house, it is a part of the Grand Kremlin Palace’s complex. The museum collections were based on the precious items that had been preserved for centuries in the tsars’ treasury and the Patriarch’s vestry.

The State Armoury presents more than four thousands items of applied art ofRussia, European and Eastern countries of IV-early XX centuries.


The Kolomenskoe Estate

For decades, Kolomenskoye had been a suburban residence of the great Moscow princes and Russian tsars. It's a unique historical place where sacred relics and symbols of the Russian people have been created, collected and kept over the centuries.


Lenin’s Mausoleum-Moscow

Lenin`s mausoleum can be of interest - the body of a Soviet leader always attracts tourists (besides, there are rumours that the mausoleum can be eliminated in the future).


Cathedral of the Assumption

The magnificent Assumption Cathedral is what you see first when you enter Cathedral Square-and when you approach the City from the east. The original cathedral, with its paintings on the exterior walls, gilded decorative friezes, and carved reliefs, was destroyed in the tragic fire of 1185. That fire changed the face of the Cathedral, but the restored version remains a wonderful masterpiece.


The Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts

The former residence of the imperial family Tsarskoye Selo (Ца́рское Село) or Tsar’s Village, is now one of Russia’s most significant cultural heritage sites.


The Kuskovo Estate

In the past it was Count Peter Sheremetev’s country estate. It has an enormous wooden house, a lake in which the count put on staged sea battles for his guests, an open-air theatre, a greenhouse, a French park and a forest. Here you will get a wonderful impression of what it was like to live amongst the Russian aristocracy of the 18th Century.



Samara is an interesting destination if you want to get a taste of life in the Russian south-east Vogla river region (also called Povolzhie).


St. Petersburg Sight: The Catherine Palace

The Catherine Palace, also known as the Summer Palace at Tsarskoe Selo, is part of a gorgeous complex of parks, guest houses, and the blue-and-gold palace itself.


Lake Baikal, Siberia

Located near the cities of Ulan Ude andIrkutskinSouthern Siberiais the world’s deepest lake. At more than 1.5km deep and 636km from north to south this enormous body of crystal clear water contains one fifth of the world’s supply of unfrozen fresh water. The water is still, despite increasing environmental concerns, pure enough to drink and so clear and deep that there have been reports of some people suffering vertigo while swimming.