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Poland is the largest of the East European countries which joined the EU in May 2004

Poland lies at the continent’s crossroads, and its vast, fertile plains, which once supplied grain to the entire region, are as scenic as they are strategic. Krakow, the country’s former capital, has long been among Europe’s leading cultural, scientific, and artistic centers.

With glorious beaches, picturesque mountains, abundance of lakes and 23 national parks in the areas of outstanding beauty, the country is the perfect place for a holiday

This country of 38 million is home to history and tragedy, a Baltic Sea coast and the sweeping Tatra Mountains, modern day luminaries like Lech Walesa and classic heroes like Tadeusz Kościuszko

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Wroclaw, with over 640 000 inhabitants. It is located in the south-west part of Poland. it is at the origin of the avant-garde art of the legendary theater director Jerzy Grotowski and the pantomime of Henryk Tomaszewski

The city itself is connected by hundreds of bridges, which span between the twelve islands that make it up.. it also called The City of 100 Bridges..

Wroclaw is one of the most vibrant and beautiful polish city marketplace



Warsaw has always been a thrilling and busy city, vibrant with life. In spite of many historical ups and downs, it never ceased to be a dynamic, Western-style metropolis, with many features characteristic for all European capitals


Tatra Mountains

Alps-like Tatra Mountains, or the Tatras (Polish Tatry), is the highest range of the Carpathian Mountains and lie along Poland’s border with Slovakia. Two hour’s drive from Krakow one finds stunning views and pristine nature as well as the best skiing in winter and hiking, rock climbing, cave exploration, cycling, paragliding, etc



Oświęcim is a poviat town located in southern Poland on River Soła estuary into Vistula (Wisła)

Oświęcim is the beautiful town with over 800 years history as it was reigned by the Piast dynasty

Masurian Lake

The Masurian Lake District with its "capital" in Mikołajki is a paradise for sailors and surfers.. It gives a rich variety of water sports, nice accommodation and opportunities to admire the natural beauty of flora and fauna of the region

Malbork Castle

Malbork Castle is definitely one of the places to see in Poland when visiting the country as it offers the opportunity to enjoy one of the best castle tours in Poland


Krakow is, without a doubt, the heart of Poland and one of the top eastern European cities to visit because of Krakow’s stunning historic buildings, palaces, sculptures, theaters and churches


The village of Częstochowa was founded in 11th century. It is first mentioned as a village in historical documents from 1220

Currently the city is one of the main tourist attractions of the area and is sometimes called the little Nuremberg because of the number of souvenir shops and historical monuments. It attracts millions (4.5 mln - 2005) of tourists and pilgrims every year

Bieszczady mountains

Soft green mountains with traditional wooden churches is one of the most remote areas in Europe. Amazing wildlife and beautiful scenery make it an ideal tourist destination. Bieszczady is the most beautiful in the summer and autumn, while during winter they are inviting ski enthusiasts.. The country exhibits limestone areas, caves and medieval castles along with the most beautiful area around the Carpathian Mountains in the far south