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Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH)


Bosnia-Herzegovina or simply Bosnia, is a country in Southeastern Europe, on the Balkan Peninsula. Its capital and largest city is Sarajevo. Bordered by Croatia to the north, west and south,Serbia to the east, and Montenegro to the southeast..

Bosnia covers the north and centre of the country..

The name "Bosnia" is derived from the Bosna River, which cuts through the region.Herzegovina takes its name from the word herceg, which designated the duke who ruled the southern part of the region until the Ottoman invasion in the fifteenth century.


Bosnia-Herzegovina is known for its turbulent history, the country is quickly becoming a destination for tourists in Europe. A beautiful landscape is offset by historically significant landmarks, and these elements make for a fascinating trip.Bosnia and Herzegovina is a stunningly beautiful country with a vast array of landscapes, cultures, traditions and people.


Bosnia and Herzegovina is considered one of the most exotic vacation destinations in southeast Europe and with 50% of the five million people who reside there being Muslim. The historic crossroad where east meets west, Bosnia & Herzegovina offers beautiful architecture in the streets of Sarajevo, picturesque sites in Mostar, breathtaking masaajid in Bihac, refreshing waterfalls in Martinbrod, and amazing ski destinations and mountain peaks in Sutjeska.






Sarajevo is a city welcoming everyone and making them feels instantly at home. Neither a very large city, nor home to huge buildings, the city has kept its captivating charm with its wealth of busy cafés and enduring tradition of hospitality.


Mostar's Stari Most (Old Bridge)


An icon of the war, the Stari most, or Old Bridge, collapsed from bombardment in 1993. After its destruction, the Mostar inhabitants felt as if their heart had been ripped out. Now, over a decade later, the beautiful stone bridge that had straddled the Neretva River for more than four centuries once again spans across its raging waters. The bridge is Mostar's heart and its reconstruction is a sign that life is slowly but surely getting back to normal in what must be Bosnia and Herzegovina’s most beautiful city.


Neum - the sunny Adriatic


The Adriatic Sea from Split to Dubrovnik is gorgeous, very clean, and includes 22 km of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The closed bay at Neum is protected from the strong open sea winds by  the Peljesac Peninsula, and wonderfully calm.


Sutjeska National Park


National park Sutjeska is the largest and the oldest national park inBosnia and Herzegovina. It is founded in 1962 and since then it is offering its natural beauty to tourists who gladly come and come back to this place. It consists of Peručica, one of the last primeval forests in Europe and the biggest one, parts of the mountain Maglić, which is the highest mountain peak in Bosnia and Herzegovina, mountain Volunjak and Zelengora and mountain plateau Vučevo.




The tiny traditional village of Medugorje in southern Bosnia Herzegovina has become world-famous as a place of religious pilgrimage.

In 1981 Medugorje had a population of only 400 but since that year this has increased to cater for the many millions of pilgrims who have visited the village. The story begins on Wednesday June 24th. 1981 when two village teenagers claimed to have seen the Gospa or Virgin Mary while near themountainofPodbrdo.

The following day four of their friends joined them and they also experienced an apparition of the Blessed Virgin, carrying the infant Jesus.


Tekija (Blagaj)


When the Ottomans arrived in Bosnia-Herzegovina, the sultan immediately ordered a dervish tekija (house/monastery) to be built next to the source of the river Buna – one of the largest water sources in Europe with a flow greater than that at the source of theDanube.

This tekija was built in the 1500s for the dervish cults at the base of a 200-meter sheer cliff face and one is free to explore the elaborate woodwork in its well-preserved, old-style sitting and prayer rooms.


Bjelasnica Mountain


Bjelašnica is one of the olympic mountains near theSarajevo, popular for skiing, but also for hiking during winter or summer. From the top of the Bjelašnica, you could see so many mountains, villages etc. It is very windy there and the weather could be quite unpredictable.




Travnik is situated in the narrow valley of the Lasva River which borders the Vlasic mountains in the north and the Vilenica mountains to the south.


Travnik is a city with a turbulent history. Travnik is a picturesque city with the charisma of a visibly eventful past. It was the birth place of Noble Laureate Ivo Andric, who commemorated his home town in many of his works and whose birth house is home to an impressive museum.


Kravica Waterfalls


The Kravica Falls are situated in Bosnia and Herzegovina, near Mostar , about 10 km from Međugorje . The Kravica Falls are a popular tourist destination. They are more than 120 wide and 27 meters high. They lie on the river Trebižat. Below the falls, there is a little lake that is a very popular for swimming in summer.


Tvrdos Monastery


Tvrdoš Monastery is located near town ofTrebinjein Republika Srpska. Tvrdoš Monastery is the seat of the Diocese of Herzegovina and Zahumlje. It is built on the foundations of the tiny church from the 4th century and the period before the Serbs adopted Christianity, what testifies on long-lasting Christian tradition in Herzegovina area.


Kraljeva Sutjeska


Locally acclaimed as being one of the last seats of the medieval Bosnian Kingdom this quaint town is a bastion of ancient Bosnian history. From the medieval fortress and Franciscan monastery to one of the oldest mosque's in the country it’s a wonderfully unique rural experience rarely found today in Europe.


Jajce and the Pliva Lake region


Jajce was the last stronghold of the Bosnian kings before it fell to the invading Ottomans in 1528. Known for the massive waterfall that blesses the heart of the city Jajce represents multiple layers of this regions long history - with traces of Illyrian and Roman finds as well as the distinct Bosnian and Ottoman features. The Pliva Lake region offer world class fly-fishing, as well as great water sports in the lake region.