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Belgium, situated at the crossroads of Europe – bordering France,Germany, the Netherlands and Luxembourg

Belgium is a tiny country, with a population that slightly exceeds 10 million people. Still, a great variety of things to do can be had in this country,

The country is divided into two ethnic regions, Dutch-speaking Flanders to the north and French-speaking Wallonia to the south. Dividing them is an imaginary east-west line that bisects the country at Brussels, which is claimed by both. Although this is a major political conundrum for the Belgians, for the traveler it’s inconsequential.

Belgium is known for its high standard of living, perhaps due to its good food, which should, naturally, be washed down with plenty of quality Belgian beer. Moules-frites, waffles and, of course, fine chocolate are all specialities which hail from Belgium.

Belgium is internationally famous for its beer, mussels and Jean-Claude Vandamme. Full of hidden treasures, the country possess amazing architectural wonders and charming cities where you will be sure to experience Europe at its best.






As a cultural capital,Brussels may not have a reputation to match that of its neighbors (Paris,Berlin,Amsterdam), but in administrative terms at least, it is one of the nerve-centers of international politics. Brussels is home to both the EU and NATO, so for those with an interest in politics this city is a must-see. For those of a less political persuasion,Brussels has plenty to offer as a historic capital.




Antwerp is the second largest city of Belgium and also called the city of diamond and fashion. If you are searching for a Valentine’s Day gift for your love,Antwerp is the perfect place for you. The World Diamond Centeris located in Antwerp and 70% of all diamonds arrive through Antwerp in Belgium.




If you love seeing beautiful architecture Bruges is the place to be. It is a city that has preserved most of its medieval structures. The center of the town is considered a UNESCO heritage site. Bring your walking shoes to enjoy a tour of the cobblestone streets. To get a better idea of the city you can watch the famous ‘In Bruges’ movie, it will make you love the surroundings.




Ghent is a medieval port city with more historic buildings than any other Belgian city. While this town might also be considered a museum, there are more modern sections than Bruges and it does not have quite the same charm.




Liège is the main regional city in the province of Liège. Liège is called 'La cité ardente' (the fiery city). A city at the crossroads of Northern and Southern European culture.

Nowadays Liége is a rapidly changing city where old meets new. Take a walk through the old city center and discover the typical traffic-free alleys and shopping streets where terraces abound.




Spa is an attractive Belgian town in a wooded valley surrounded by undulating hills and countless rivers and springs. Spa became a resort town in the 18th century because of its hot spring waters and is still home to the world first casino, built in 1763 to cater to visitors. Today, it hosts one of the most important and fun annual music festivals in Belgium’s French-speaking region, The Francopholies.




Namur is the capital of southern Belgium. It's also the best town by which to access the Ardennes.Namur, Discover Namur, the capital of Wallonia, famous for its citadel and unique location at the confluence of the rivers Meuse and Sambre: a friendly, relaxing destination for business travelers, tourists and sportspeople!.

With its good hotels and an impressive choice of restaurants the town deserves a couple of days of your time. What's more, the surrounding Ardennes make it an ideal base camp for a longer stay in this part of Belgium.




The town of Bastogne near the Luxembourg border is a city steeped in historical significance, where the in famous Battle of the Bulge occurred during World War II. This is often an important destination for visitors to Belgium who wish to pay their respects to those who perished protecting Belgium and keeping German forces from gaining control of the Ardennes.

A visit to Bastogne makes a lot of to-do lists. Like Normandy,France, and Nijmegen,Netherlands, this Belgian city in the upper Ardennesis a place many Americans wish to see. While the anniversary is a great time to visit Bastogne, the city and region are worthy travel destinations year round. There are four World War II venues that draw much attention: Museum of the Battle of the Bulge in La Roche-en-Ardenne; the Mardasson Memorial overlooking Bastogne; Bastogne Historical Center; and the town’s McAuliffe Square.




Mons, also known as the cultural capital of Wallonia and the actual capital of the Hainaut Province, is located in the southwest of Belgium, 1 hour by train from Brussels.  The city is sometimes overlooked by tourists, but without reason.Mons offers all the splendors and historical richness that so typifies most of the cities in Belgium. Mons is certainly worth a visit during the frequent processions that take place here during the year.




The town of Mechelen (in French : Malines) is situated half-way between Brussels and Antwerp. It has about 75.000 inhabitants. The town was founded in the early Middle-Ages on the banks of the river Dijle (which also runs through the town of Leuven). It is a pleasant typical Flemish city which belonged to the Duchy of Brabant. The town center is a low-traffic area, which makes Mechelen a pleasant shopping city. On Saturdays the main shopping streets 'Bruul' and 'IJzerenleen' are visited by all the people of the city itself and the neighbouring villages.