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The Principality of Andorra is situated in the heart of the Pyrenees, between France and Spain.

The Country’s prosperous economy is mainly driven by its tourism industry with nearly 10.2 million tourists visiting the place annually.


Andorra has a rich Catalan culture which is reflected in its language, folk dances, folk music and various customs followed by the people of the region.

Andorra attracts some rich residents who seek to avoid the income taxes levied by most other countries. But these folks will find that Andorra is more "hidden" and less accessible than its Riviera counterpart. In fact,Andorra even lacks an airport. The only way to reach the little nation-state is to wind through Pyrenees on roads from France or Spain..Andorra offers a top class European experience for the tourists; hence being the most sought after tourist destinations in Europe.

With the highest capital city in Europe –Andorrala Vella (1,023m) and a predominantly alpine climate, the country is an ideal winter destination, but also a charming place filled with unique customs, exciting folklore, natural beauty, history and Catalan culture.




Casa de la Vell

Casa de la Vell in Andorra la Vella is the government seat in the place. It’s a early house, that was constructed in 1580 with a noble family living in the country. The place includes a courtroom and Consell General’s meeting place. The house features important archives for example documents during the duration of Louis the Pious and Charlemagne.


Santa Coloma Church


Santa Coloma is a church located in the village Santa Coloma, inAndorrala Vella. A curiosity of this church is its bell tower because it has a circular shape. Inside you will see a Baroque altarpiece, dedicated to the patron saint, from the 18th century.


Nation wide Motor vehicle Museum


Nation wide Motor vehicle Museum-It truly is well-known mainly because it features antique bicycles and motorcycles. At the same time, the place has vintage automobiles. Furthermore, visitors can see carriages at the museum.


Casa Plairal d’Areny de Plandolit


Casa Plairal d’Areny de Plandolit is located in the valley of Valira del Nord.  Built in the year 1633, the house stands at almost 4,300 feet in height.  Other key features of the house are its many rooms, including an armory, a meat storage room, a music room, an oil storage room, and a chapel.


Arisnal and Pal Ski Place


Arinsal ski resort is located on the western side of Andorra and is part of the Vallnord ski area, which includes Arcalis and Pal. Duty free prices mean you will find plenty of Arinsal ski deals that offer great value for money. There is a good variety of hotels and ski apartments with the popular Princesa Parc a popular choice for many people skiing in Arinsal.


Saint Joan de Caselles


The Sant Joan de Caselles Church is one of the finest landmarks in Andorra. It is regarded as an outstanding example of ancient architecture in Europe.


El Serrat


El Serrat in Valira del Nord Valley is one of the pristine mountains in the region. The mountain presents a scenic view of the villages in nearby towns. The height in the place is 5,053 feet. Into the area you can find some gorgeous Andorrahotels


Ordino-Arcalis Ski Area


Andorra's newest ski area with ultra modern lifts is located in one of the country's most beautiful mountain valleys, also offering some of the principality's more challenging skiing & High value as always in Andorra and lift queues a rarity.


La Cortinada


This sleepy town is just 20 minutes drive from the capital. The place has an idealistic Andorran flavor, having San Marti Church, which is famed for the stunning frescoes.