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Afghanistanis a landlocked country in Central Asia with a long, narrow strip in the northeast (the Wakhan corridor). 

Its biggest cities and towns includeKabul, Qandahar,Heratand Jalalabad.


It is not recommended to Visit Afghanistan, due to the armed conflict between Government forces and Taliban insurgents. The current Afghan government has little control over large parts of the country…


Although visiting has not been advisable for several years, it has much to offer the intrepid traveler.Afghanistanis known for its dramatic mountain scenery and the unparalleled hospitality of its people. The country is covered with valleys and the beautiful mountain ranges dominate the landscape ofAfghanistan.. It contains some incredible treasures of the world, like Mazar-e Sharif inKabul(Afghanistancapital city)






Afghanistanhas featured numerous archaeological and historic sites, Here are the top attractions to Afghanistan:





Giant Buddha Statue inAfghanistan



The Bala-Hisar inAfghanistan








Shrine Of Hazrat Ali inAfghanistan



Friday Mosque OfHeratinAfghanistan



Band-e Amir inAfghanistan



Buddhas Of Bamyan inAfghanistan