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Japan is an island nation in East Asia. Located in the Pacific Ocean, it lies to the east of the Sea of Japan,China,North Korea,South KoreaandRussia, stretching from theSeaofOkhotskin the north to the East China Sea andTaiwanin the south.


Japanhas the world's third-largest economy, having achieved remarkable growth in the second half of the 20th Century after the devastation of World War II.

Japanhas a large variety of cultural attractions to offer, and is therefore very popular among tourists.

It has some big attractions. In fact, there are so many great sights inJapanthat it’s hard to know what to see first.

The land where technology and ancient traditions blend beautifully,Japanis undoubtedly one delightful country with an unrivaled and enchanting charm!

Known as the ‘land of the rising sun’, todayJapanmerges this traditional character with the high-tech and bustling modernity of one of the world’s economic powerhouses.





Tokyois the capital city ofJapan… From mid-hike beer gardens to an amazing gourmet cuisine living off some of the best fresh markets in the world,Tokyois an excellent city to pay a visit.Tokyois a cool, vibrant city that contrasts the old with the new…


Here are some of the biggest attractions in Tokyo:

  • TokyoTower– The Tokyo Tower is one of the most common places to visit inTokyo
  • TokyoDisneyland
  • TokyoDomeCity
  • TokyoNationalMuseumis a popular destination because it has thousands of displays of Japanese culture and history.
  • Ginza: Ginza District is one of the most exclusive districts inTokyoand one of the best places to go inJapanfor upscale nightlife and shopping opportunities.




Known as the cradle ofJapan's cultural heritage,KyotowasJapan's capital and the emperor's residence from 794 until 1868. It is now the country's seventh largest city, with a population of 1.4 million people and a modern face, though it remainsJapan's most traditional city


Top Attractions:

  • KyotoImperialPalace
  • Ryoan-jiZenGarden
  • Templeof the Golden Pavilion
  • Templeof the Silver Pavilion
  • Kinkaku-ji,Kyoto




One of the most moving day trips you can take inJapanis toHiroshima.


Prosperous once again, the city will forever be synonymous with the tragedy of war and the atomic bomb that was dropped on the city at the close of World War II in 1945.


A visit toHiroshimafocuses onPeakMemorial Park: A reminder to what happened inHiroshimaon August 6, 1945, Hiroshima Peace Memorial is a place where you see Genbaku Dome, the only building left standing in the vicinity after the bombing happened.



Miyajima is a 40 minute trip by tram and ferry from downtownHiroshima.

Most people know Miyajima for its famous giant torii gate, which seems to float on top of the water. The island has been deemed a sacred place since ancient times and is now classified as a “Special Placeof Scenic Beauty” inJapan.





Osaka, two-and-a-half hours fromTokyoby shinkansen, Many attractions can be found here, including the Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan, the Tempozan Ferris Wheel, Universal Studios Japan and the Tennoji Zoo.



Mount Fuji.


Mount Fuji is not only of the most popular attractions but also the highest mountain inJapan. Numerous of climbers have already seen the beauty of this volcanic mountain There are about 200,000 people climbingMount Fujievery year. if you are not a climber, then you can still see this beautiful mountain from distance.


Matsumoto Castle

It is one ofJapan's premier historic castles..It is located in the city ofMatsumoto



Himeji Castle

Also known asWhiteEgretCastle,Himejiis a hilltop Japanese castle complex located inHimeji, inHyōgo Prefecture,Japan.HimejiCastleis the largest and most visited castle inJapan




A coastal town located just south ofTokyo,Kamakurais most famous for its Great Buddha known as "Daibutsu." It also has many other interesting temples and shrines to explore, earning it the nickname "the Kyoto of Eastern Japan."




Nikkois a long day trip fromTokyo, Set in the mountains, the town has a number of famous shrines and temples that make it well worth the visit. Against a backdrop of mountains, beautiful forests, and rocky, wooded, ravines with fast flowing streams the temples and shrines are perfectly set in their natural background.




Founded more than 1,300 years ago, the ancient capital ofNaraoffers visitors a tapestry woven from a rich legacy of historical tradition and natural beauty.


Top Attractions:

  • TodaijiTemple
  • NaraPark
  • IsuienGarden
  • Kasuga Taisha
  • KofukujiTemple
  • NationalMuseum
  • YoshikienGarden
  • Naramachi
  • HoryujiTemple
  • Yakushiji