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The People’s Republic of China was established on October 1, 1949, with Beijing as its capital city. With well over 1.3 billion citizens,China is the world's most populous country and the world’s fourth-largest country in terms of territory.

Chinais an amazing cultural treasure of the world situated in easternAsia. Its natural wealth, five millennia of history, and an old continuous civilization, placeChinaas a great travel destination.

The rapid Chinese's growth has improved the tourist infrastructure.Chinahas become one of the most visited countries in the World. Nearly 50 million tourists travel toChinaevery year.

Chinahas so many outstanding places to visit that it is difficult to choose among them

Chinahas one of the most rich and textured histories of all civilizations that encompasses over 5,000 years. This is rich stuff for a traveler.


China Attractions:


The Forbidden City


Forbidden City inBeijing- the largest, best-preserved, mass group of palaces inChina, if not in the world.


Great Wall of China


The Great Wall is one of the largest building construction projects ever completed. It stretches across the mountains of northernChina, winding north and northwest ofBeijing. It is constructed of masonry, rocks and packed-earth.

Hiking and viewing the great wall is always the must-do for a trip inBeijing.


Terracotta Warriors of China


The Terracotta Army is one of the top attractions inChina, because of its historical significance and uniqueness.


Sichuan Giant Panda Sanctuaries


The giant panda is also known as the panda bear is considered to be one of the most endangered animal species left on the earth. Today it is found only inChina, but once it ranged fromBurmain the south to the outskirts ofBeijingin the north.


The Bund


The Bund is one of the most recognizable architectural symbols ofShanghai.

And one of the most popular tourist attractions inChina. Most visitors come here during evening as it has the most amazing light shows to highlight the buildings of Pudong, including thePearlTower,JinmaoBuildingand etc


Huanglong Scenic and Historic Interest Area


Situated in the north-west ofSichaunProvince, the Huanglong valley is made up of snow-capped peaks and the easternmost of all the Chinese glaciers.

Sichuan Huanglong Scenic Area was included in the "World Heritage List" by UNESCO in December 1992.

Huanglong Scenic and Historic Interest Area are often referred to as the 'World Wonder' and 'FairyLandon Earth'. The area is known for its beautiful lakes, snow clad mountains, valleys and virgin forests.


The Temple of Heaven


TheTempleofHeavenwas constructed between 1406 and 1420 during the reign of Ming Emperor YongLe

TheTempleofHeaven, or more literally the Altar of Heaven (天坛; Tiān Tán) is atempleofChinesereligion used for imperial ceremonies for five centuries. Its buildings are situated in their own large and tranquil park in southeastBeijing.

TheTempleofHeavenis an exquisite and extraordinary example of Chinese religious architecture.


Lijiang Old Town


This town was built about 800 years ago during the Southern Song Dynasty. Owing to it's unique ethnic culture and urban layout, this old town (including Baisha and Shuhe housing clusters) was enlisted to be one of World Cultural Heritage in 1997.

Strolling causally along theOldTown, you can find beautiful cobbles stone path across the narrow streets. Most of the Naxi's houses were errected along the fast flowing streams in the old town.


Mount Emei and Leshan Giant Buddha Scenic Areas


MountEmeirises in the southwestern part of the Chengdu Plain inEmeishan City,SichuanProvince. There are four scenic regions within the area:BaoguoTemple,WannianTemple, Qingyin Pavilion and Golden Summit

The Giant Buddha of Leshan is carved on Lingyun Hill, east ofLeshan City,SichuanProvince, at the confluence of three rivers, namely,MinRiver,QingyiRiver, andDaduRiverwhich is not far away fromMountEmei. The statue depicts a seated Maitreya Buddha with his hands resting on his knees.

As the biggest carved stone Buddha in the world, Leshan Giant Buddha is featured in poetry, song and story


Yunnan Stone Forest


TheStoneForestis one of the most important attractions ofYunnan.

TheStoneForestis known as "One of Earth's Natural Wonders". All visitors toKunmingfrom home and abroad never hesitate to come here to admire the unique scenes formed by the stones. TheStoneForestis located inShilinCounty, 85 kilometres southeast ofKunming.


The Yangtze River


Yangtze River is the longest river inChinaandAsia. And the third longest river in the world, inferior to theNileand the Amazon. Amazon. It feeds the great Chinese Nation, so it is considered to be the "MotherRiver" ofChina. The Yangtze River flows across 13 provinces, with many branches, such asMinRiver, Wu River,XiangRiver, Han River,HuangpuRiver, etc, of which theHan Riveris the longest one.

TheYangtze Riverhas a strong claim to being the most interesting river in the world, with a wide variety of tourist attractions, scenery, and culture along its length.


The Silk Road


TheSilk Roadwas never a single-path route. Its system included some branches of caravan roads which passed across different mountain passes bypassing deserts.

The Silk Road was opened up around 130 BC when the Han Government dispatched General Zhang Qian as an envoy to build good relationships with small nomadic states west ofChina.

When traveling along theSilk Road, you may be fortunate enough to be invited to visit families of other nationalities. Different nationalities have different customs, taboos and living styles.

A tour of the Silk Road is truly a journey into the ancient history and diverse culture ofChinaquite unlike any other. The range of attractions is quite unsurpassed.


The Li River, Guilin


Li River, one ofChina's most famous scenic areas, was listed as one of the world¡¯s top ten watery wonders by America National Geographic Magazine

Cruising on Li River is always a pleased thing. You can breathe the fresh air, feel gentle breeze and appreciate the fabulous landscape on both sides of Li River. In spring, tourists may stand on the front of a boat and let the mizzle falls onto their faces. It is really a wonderful experience.


Yellow Mountain


TheYellowMountainsis one of the major tourist attraction inChina. Located in the southern part ofAnhuiProvince, theYellowMountainsextend across four counties - Shexian, Yixian, Taiping andXining. They rose above the earth surface as a result of movement of the earth's crust over a hundred million years ago. Later they underwent the erosion of Quaternary glaciation and have gradually become what they are today. Magnificent and have is a famous scenic spot full of wonderful sights.

As famous Chinese mountains go, you would have to countHuangshan orYellowMountainamong the most popular and visited by both locals and tourists alike.


The Beautiful Lakes of china


China is a country that boasting of many lakes, over 2300 of which have areas over 1 km2, and the total area of all the lakes reaches 70988 km2, accounting for about 0.8% of the total area of the country

The top 5 beautiful lakes in china are:

  • QinghaiLake
  • KanasLake
  • NamtsoLake
  • TianchiLake
  • WestLake


Potala Palace


Situated on the Red Hill of centralLhasa,PotalaPalaceis the highest ancient palace in the world, reaching 3,767.19m (12,359.55ft) at the topmost point.

ThePotalaPalaceis an ancient architectural complex and it is considered a model of Tibetan architecture

It is famous for its high historical value and kept numerous treasures in it. Divided into White andRedPalaces, the complex was one of the world’s tallest buildings before the era of modern skyscrapers.