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Armenia is a European country in the Caucasus region.Yerevan is the capital and largest city of Armenia.


Armeniais a land of both the old and the new. As the first Christian country of Europe and after more than 600 years of bondage to foreign powers, it is indeed one of the most exiting places to be aside from being one of the most historically rich countries inEurope. Its time as part of theSoviet Unionhas also left its mark on the country, and all in all, there is much to see here both of terms of nature and history, as well as nightlife and entertainment.


Armeniais very easy to experience, thanks to very hospitable people. The many mountains and mountain valleys create a great number of micro climates, with scenery changing from arid to lush forest at the top of a mountain ridge.


InArmeniayou can find many fascinating things like: the World's largest chocolate bar; Churches dating back to 5th century and stunning landscapes that are simply just unforgettable. Although theRepublicofArmeniahas only existed for 20 years after the collapse of theSoviet Union, its roots date back to 2493 BC which is why it boasts such a rich and interesting history.


Numerous cultural monuments, beautiful mountains and good wine make the country attractive for tourists





Haghpat Monastery


The Haghpat monastery is situated in the north ofArmenia, in the same named village (Lori district).

The Haghpat Monastery includes: the Church of the Holy Virgin, the Church of the Holy Nshan,the ancient book depository and some other buildings


Although the monastery has suffered some damage by several earthquakes and attacks, most of the complex remains without major alterations.


Lake Sevan


LakeSevan, one of the best leisure destinations inArmenia.LakeSevanis very beautiful with its clean and fresh water, which is warm and pleasant in summer. It's an ideal place for rest with family during week-ends and holidays.



Erebuni Fortress


The archeological searches of Erebuni Fortress prove that people resided in this area about three thousand years ago. No wonder this area is considered one of the most ancient populated residence. Forerunner  ofYerevan, Erebuni is one of the rare examples of anciently populated land.


Tsitsernakaberd - The Armenian Genocide Memorial Complex


The memorial of the victims of Մեծ Եղեռն/ Armenian Genocide is a symbolic shrine dedicated to the victims of the 1915 Genocide.The architecture of the monument is quite powerful, full of conjoint deep expressions and is one of the best creations of modern Armenian architecture.




Sevan National Park


This unique natural reservoir is one of the biggest and highest freshwater lakes in the world. The lake spreads its waters along the base of the Geghama mountain range bordered by the Sevan, Vardenis, and Areguni mountain chains.




Mount Ararat


Mount Ararat is the highest mountain inTurkey. Ararat was a part ofArmeniauntil the Armenian Genocide in 1915 whenTurkeytook over that section ofArmenia. Mount Ararat is an important landmark to Armenian’s because it shows the beauty of the sister mountains that were taken away fromArmenia. It is a symbol in most paintings, songs, movies and mostly anything else to do withArmenia.


The Monastery Of Geghard


Geghard is one of the oldest monastery inrepublicofArmenia, it is a unique architectural construction in the KotaykprovinceofArmenia, being partially carved out of the adjacent mountain, surrounded by cliffs. It is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.



Garni Temple


Twenty-six kilometers east of the capital city ofYerevanstands the reconstructed pagantempleofGarni. TheGarniTempleis a beautiful monument that stands like a pearl in the pages of history. This temple was built as a part of a fortress which dates back to the third century BC.



Blue Mosque


Blue Mosque,Yerevan,Armenia. The Blue Mosque is one of the oldest religious buildings inArmenia. With a breath-taking minaret and colorful dome, this site is a tourist must-see.