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Top 10 exotic islands in the world

1. BALI  (Indonesia)

Bali, a province of Indonesia, is part of the Lesser Sunda Islands, 3.2 km east of Java.

Bali, the famed Island of the Gods, it is the largest tourist destination in the country and is renowned for its highly developed arts, including dance, sculpture, painting, leather, metalworking and music. Each year it attracts tourists with its rich culture and lively population. the colorful Balinese culture is a dynamic force that is constantly synthesizing the old and the new, the traditional and the innovative.



Bermuda lies off the eastern cost of North America.

Classified among the reef building corals in the western Atlantic Ocean, Bermuda Islands can be said to be the most northerly positioned one. Bermuda Islands are often grouped along the Caribbean Islands.

Bermuda has the World’s most beautiful pink sandy beaches, breathtaking marine life, wonderful scenery & architecture, warm weather, exciting recreational activities & tours, dining, shopping, nightlife...


3. BORA BORA  (French Polynesia)

No Doubt that the most famous island in Polynesia is Bora Bora Island. The exotic, pleasant island is filled with smashing beaches to loll upon as good as good things to see

Bora Bora is an island in the Leeward group of the Society Islands of French Polynesia, an overseas collectivity of France in the Pacific Ocean.



Easter Island is over 2,000 miles from the nearest population center, (Tahiti and Chile), making it one of the most isolated places on Earth. A triangle of volcanic rock in the  South Pacific - it is best known for the giant stone monoliths, known as Moai, that dot the coastline. The island has a tropical rainy climate, and it is the only place in Chile with this type of climate.

Formed by brothers Ethan and Asher Payne in 2010, Easter Island creates panoramic, post-rock inspired dream pop. Behind the wall of towering drums, glassy guitars, and the forceful tide of synthesizers, hide soft-spoken melodies, tender harmonies, and understated musings on the subtle, yet visceral moments in life.



A paradise in every way, the islands of Fiji are a legendary destination promising rare beauty and unimagined tropical pleasures. Fiji's natural attractions offer everything from lush rainforests to breathtaking waterfalls and hot springs. Trek to remote villages and pristine preserves to experience authentic tribal rituals and Fiji's natural wonders in unforgettable ways. From bamboo rafting trips to hidden secluded lagoons just waiting to be discovered, Fiji is a place of unmatched beauty and unforgettable adventures. Naviti Resort offers the perfect place to experience Fiji's most spectacular tropical pleasures and exciting things to do


Maldives is situated in the Indian Ocean, south-west of Sri Lanka and India. Maldiveshas deep blue seas, turquoise reefs, white sandy beaches and palm trees

This is the dream holiday destination of millions all over the world. A country known as the idyllic, peaceful heaven for all those who found their way here offers the highest in quality and services for its thousands of visitors everyday.


7. MAUI  (Hawaii)

The island of Maui has long since been known as the magical isle of Hawaii, it is a natural wonderland, full of enchanting beauty, and Maui is known for its spattering of luxury resorts where you are sure to have a romantic gateway right in the middle of the beautiful and natural surroundings.


8. TAHITI  (French Polynesia)

If there is one island that summons up all the romance of the South Pacific as a tropical paradise, it is ... Tahiti. It's been that way for more than two centuries, since the island's charms (including its free-spirited women) helped spark the mutiny on the Bounty. Live your Polynesian dream eating coconutty poisson cru in Papeete, splashing in Moorea's technicolor reefs and working on your Tahitian tan on the castaway bay of your choice. Bliss.


9. SANTORINI (Greece)

Santorini is considered to be one of the most beautiful islands of Greece and gets top billing among the 3 most famous island destinations in Europe. It is celebrated for its awe-inspiring volcano Caldera, colourful beaches, breathtaking prehistoric and ancient sites, fun-filled nightlife, and last but not least, its spellbinding sunset view, considered by many to be the most beautiful vista in the world.



Vanuatu is a world-wide favorite destination for travelers wanting a unique tropical destination that is relatively untouched by massive tourism trades

Located directly west of Fiji, Vanuatu is famed for gorgeous islands, active volcanoes and a very-intact Melanesian culture, especially on Tanna.


 Vanuatu includes 13 larger islands and about 70 smaller ones. Most are mountainous (volcanic in origin) (some active), andcovered in lush rain forests. Many are protected by coral reefs.