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Colmar, France


Colmar is a city in Alsace, France. It is a beautiful litlle town, It's the home town of the painter and engraver Martin Schongauer and the sculptor Frédéric Bartholdi, who designed the Statue of Liberty. Some say Colmar is the most beautiful city in Europe, a point that's hard to argue.

In Colmar, from the bridges over the Lauch, beyond Rue St-Jean, there are attractive views of Colmar's "Little Venice", with picturesque old houses and willow-trees lining the river, and the tower of St Martin's church. Little Venice is one of the best places to lap up the atmosphere of the town of Colmar and get some of the finest waterside views of anywhere in the community.



Colmar is rich with historic houses, many half-timbered and, in summer, accented with geranium-draped window boxes. One of the most beautiful is the Maison Pfister..








Colmar's chief religious attractions are the Eglise Saint-Martin, a 14th-century Gothic church with medieval sculpture and stained glass, and the Unterlinden Museum, which showcases the famous Isenheim Altar.

All of Colmar's attractions are concentrated in its old town. For a medieval city, it is surprisingly big, but you can nonetheless get around on foot with no difficulty.

Colmar is, quite possibly, the prettiest town in France. Certainly it is one of the most colourful.. Every colour of home had a signification, every corporation of trades had its colour, it was easier to identify them on the street.


Come and discover on a flat-bottomed boat, its lovely, authentic landscape..