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Angola was a Portuguese province in the Southwest of Africa. After November 11th, 1975 Angola became an independent state.

Angola is the 7th large country in Africa and only 1/6th of Australia.

Angolacan be divided into three major regions: The coastal plain, The transition zone, and The inland plateau..

Luanda, the capital, is the largest city followed by Nova Lisboa, Benguela,Lobito, Lubango, now Kuito.


Angolais one of several African countries that have molded their governments, in an unspoken fashion, on what is widely known as the Chinese model. Leaders who have been in power for decades in countries likeAngola,Ethiopia,RwandaandUgandahave delivered considerable economic growth and, by some measures, improvements in health, education and development.

The tourism industry inAngolais based on the country's natural beauty, including its rivers, waterfalls and scenic coastline.Angolais one such country and a look at its attractions will help you identify why it will provide you and your family with lifelong memories.







Kalendula Waterfalls



One of the most stunning waterfalls, not only inAngolabut also in the whole world, is the Kalendula Waterfalls. This geological beauty of nature lies on theLucalaRiverinMalange,Angola.

One of the better sights in such travels is theKalandulaFallswhich is a lovely watery paradise in this part of the world. Located in the northwestern part ofAngola, this is one travel sight that is totally enchanting and mesmerizing. This is a broad, waterfall and shaped like a horseshoe.


Black Stones

Angola Black granite was formed by the slow cooling and crystallizing of molten stone under pressure. Billions of years in the making, few materials have lasted as long or will last as long as granite. Outdoors, most polished granites have an erosion factor of 0.125" per 1,000 years.


Miradouro da Lua



Miradouro da Lua (CalledValleyof The moon in English) is an amazing roadside landscape nearLuanda,Angola. Somewhat similar to the moon surface so it come the name (Valley of the Moon)..




With an Atlantic coastline stretching for over 1.650 kms, mighty rivers flow into wide estuaries depositing sediments they have brought with them from the high plateaus to form numerous small islands, bays and sandbanks and where excellent beaches can be found. InLuanda, special mention must be given to the beaches of Ilha do Cabo, Mussulo, Palmeirinhas, Corimba andSantiago. In Benguela there is Morena, Restinga, Caóta, Caotina, Baia Azul and Baia Farta and finally in Namibe, two more, Das Miragens and Azul.


Tazua Falls


One of the most beautiful waterfalls in Africa is theTazuaFalls. This wonderful gift of nature is located in Rio Cuango. It is situated near one ofAngola's richest sources of gem diamonds.




Luandais the capital ofAngola. It is on theAngola's Atlantic coast.Luandais a cosmopolitan city, It's located on theAtlantic Ocean, surrounded by natural beauty that is somewhat marred by the sprawling townships (bairros) and poor living conditions of its inhabitants.



Bay of Luanda

Not suitable to swim, thebayofLuandais wonderful, no matter the point from where you observe it, day or night.


Miramar, a high quarter, is, maybe, the best point to do it. And if you want to swim, the facing island is only a long and narrow strip with open waters.


Big Welwitschia


Welwitschia is a kind of succulent plant, consisting of one single species, the famous Welwitschia mirabilis, only found in the desert to the south ofAngola.

Weird, peculiar, wonderful, strange, bizarre, fascinating, and of course, unique, are the kind of words that are used to describe the welwitschia. It is one of the few things on Earth that can truly claim to be one of a kind. There really is nothing like it.




The town ofSumbeis the administrative capital ofCuanzaSulProvinceand known for its excellent beaches and amazing surfing spots.