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Located in North Africa, it is one of the most popular tourist countries in North Africa, and is the second largest country inAfrica.

Algeria, was colonized by the French before, and is adjacent to the Mediterranean countries.

In the past,Algeriawas a popular tourist destination until the civil war in 1992 brought the tourism industry down. Tourist arrivals started to improve by small increments beginning early 2000, when theSahararegion covered by Algerian territory was opened to tourists.

 Algeriais a nation that is becoming a favorite tourist destination with its normal beauty, colorful history and culture memorable.

You can encounter a wide variety of landscapes inAlgeria: desert, meadows, dunes, sahara, oasises, forests, oueds to name a few. There is also more than 750 Miles of coasts and beaches..

And when it comes to nature and the wildlife ofAlgeria, the country is unlimited in beauty.





Algiersis theAlgeria’s capital city which lies on the Mediterranean coast. Although emerging from a troubled past, this modern African city hold both old and new attractions to welcome the travellers.


Top attractions inAlgiers;

  • MonumentofMartyrs
  • Notre Dame d'Afrique: This is one of its most wonderful monuments inAlgiers.
  • Kasbah quarter: While going around the city, you must definitely visit the Kasbah quarter,Algiers. This is the most traditional part of theAlgierscity and tourists visit the place to see the many old structures that are located is the citadel ofAlgiers…
  • Ketchaoua Mosque
  • La Grande Poste
  • Kiffan Club
  • Larbi benM'hidi Street





Biggest City afterAlgiersalso called secondParisby Algerians, with many impressive buildings from the colonial time.

Top attractions ofOran:

  • DemaeghtMuseum
  • Dar el-Bahia
  • Le Théâtre
  • Cathédrale de Sacré Coeur
  • Great Mosque
  • Sheraton Oran Hotel & Towers
  • Palais de la Culture
  • Place du 1er Novembre
  • La Gare d'Oran
  • Petit Lac
  • Qasr el-Bey (BeyCastle)
  • Great Synagogue ofOran
  • Pacha Mosque
  • Casbah (Citadel)
  • UniversityofOran




The city ofConstantineis situated on a rock, about 2,000 feet high, Apart from the spectacular setting there is not a lot to see inConstantineitself. There are a few museums, but the most enjoyable thing to do is to walk around and just chat with the people. An ancient city,Constantinewas founded by the Phoenicians and later taken over by the Berbers. It served as a base for two prominent Roman Generals and later fell under the rule of theOttoman Empire.





Ghardaia, imbedded in the valley of the M'Zab wady* in the North of the Algerian Sahara, is the most significant of five oasis cities successively built starting in the early 11th century by M'Zabite Berbers (*wadys are rivers or torrents flowing at very irregular intervals).


Jointly given the name of "Pentapolis of M'Zab", the desert cities of Ghardaia, El Atteuf, Bounoura, Melinka, Beni Isguen are the main cultural and tourist attraction poles inAlgeria, and masterpieces of architecture and town planning.


Tamanrasset (Tam)


Tam is firstly the entry point to the Tassili of Hoggar and departure point for trips to Assekrem. The town deserves a two-day visit. Taste this old-world charm and nonchalant atmosphere which fills the streets at every hour. Tam is the bearing of Hitzit, « those who hold the walls », impish expression designating idle people.




Timimoun is a great place to visit, and a beautiful oasis. Many would have it to be the best town to visit in a visit to the Grand Erg Occidental. Timimoun is a small place, with houses built of red mud,- called Sudanese architecture.


In salah


In Salah is home to one ofAlgeria's largest oil and gas reserves and plants. This small village is not very known but is one of the vital areas inAlgeria's economy where oil and gas is it's main export.





Taghit. It is a strikingly beautiful place, with strong and seemingly threatening sand dunes to the east of the town. These dunes are among the biggest you will find in the Grand Erg Occidental. What makes Taghit a must, is that you really get the feeling of which dimensions these dunes represent, especially will you be able to make this visible on photos.




Tlemcen is a town in Northwestern Algeria, Its textiles and handicrafts, its elegant blend of Arab, Berber, and French cultures, and its cool climate in the mountains have made it an important center of tourism inAlgeria. It is home to two beautiful tombs - that of Sidi Bou Mediene, whose tomb adjoins to a mosque, and Houari Boumédičnne, the second president ofAlgeria.





Djémila is a mountain village inAlgeria, near the northern coast east ofAlgiers, where some of the best preserved Berbero-Roman ruins inNorth Africaare found. It is situated in the region bordering the Constantinois and Petite Kabylie (Basse Kabylie).




On the shores of the turquoiseMediterranean Sea, the Roman site of Tipasa, (a UNESCO world heritage site), is said to have been founded during the reign of Emperor Claudius in 41-55 AD. The city of Tipasa, about 70 km from Algiers, was a Roman commercial center as well as a type of retirement community for veteran Roman soldiers who had spent their careers serving their empire.