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Zimbabwesprawls over a high plateau of Southern Africa and is bordered by Zambezi andLimpoporivers..Zimbabweis a wonderful country, characterised by stunning natural beauty, an incredible diversity of wildlife and warm, welcoming people. The rich diversity of natural beauty will steal your heart away.

Zimbabwehas a variety of ways to experiences its fantastic game and wildlife areas, including game drives, and safaris ranging from walking, horseback, canoe, sailing and elephant rides. Travelers could certainly benefit from knowing what is available for them in the expanse ofZimbabweso they can truly enjoy their visit and do something amazing.

If you are looking for adventure or a peaceful honeymoon destination, Zimbabwe Africa has much to offer.






Victoria Falls

Victoria Fallsis the largest waterfall in the world by size. The thundering waterfall has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1989…

Activities in the waterfall area include a heart-racing bungee jumping opportunity that is not for the faint of heart. Thrill seekers jump around 365 feet from a bridge near the falls, bouncing up and down on the bungee cords.



The Matobo Hills


The Matobo Hills, which form part of the Matobo National Park, must be one of the most special destinations in Zimbabwe: spectacularly beautiful, but also filled with a quiet serenity. The Matobo Hills inZimbabwewas proclaimed a Unesco World Heritage Site in 2003 and is situated approximately 35 km south ofBulawayo.



Hwange National Park


HwangeNational Parkis one of the continent’s most famous game reserves. Known for its giant herds of elephants, Hwange is one of the most excitingZimbabwetourist attractions to see. The area is flooded with teak forests, grasslands, granite koppies and woodlands that support a hundred species of animals and over four hundred bird species.


Mana Pools National Park


ManaPoolsNational Parkis synonymous with theZambeziRiver, elephants, lions, remoteness and wilderness.

This unique park is a WORLD HERITAGE SITE, based on its wildness and beauty, together with the wide range of large mammals, over 350 bird species and aquatic wildlife. Mana Pools is one ofZimbabwe's most popular parks, and it is easy to see why it falls


Matusadona National Park

This beautiful, unspoilt wilderness area on the shores ofLakeKaribain north-westernZimbabwe, is home to large game populations of elephant, lion and buffalo and is one of the last remaining sanctuaries of the endangered Black Rhino



The Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe


The Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe comprise three main mountain groups -


  1. Nyanga (to the north),

  2. Bvumba (centrally situated near the city ofMutare)

  3. Chimanimani (to the south).

These regions are all sparsely populated, highland country with a cooler and wetter climate than other parts ofAfrica. They are popular holiday destinations for the local people with the main activities being hiking, camping and fishing.



The Amazing Zambezi River

TheZambeziRiveris the fourth longest river inAfricaat 2,200 miles in length. The river has several locations in which ferries and tourist boats frequent the waters and provide a great view of the best locations. The topmost section falls into the middle section of the river atVictoria Falls.