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Tunisia is the northernmost country in Africa. It is a unique mix of different culture and civilization which has conditioned the whole country throughout the ages., including the Carthaginian Empire, the Roman Empire, the Arabic Caliphates, the Ottoman Empire, and of course the ubiquitous European Scramble for Africa that occurred during colonization.

Tunisiaoffers culture, history, fine handicrafts and great beaches.

Tunisiahas the charisma of the ancient civilization perfectly blended with modern European ideas thus making it a very liberal Islamic country.

Tunisiais rich in historical and archaeological heritage.Tunisiahave contributed to a traditional culture that is dynamic, so that in 1997 UNESCO has madeTunisiabecome a "Cultural Capital Region".

Whether you prefer a long walk along miles of sparkling beaches, wind surfing the cool Mediterranean breezes, exploring ancient sites and legendary cities a game of golf or just a long lazy day relaxing on the warm golden sands,Tunisiahas it all.






El Djem amphitheater


The Amphitheater of El Jem is an immense theatre in the classic Roman town ofThysdrus(now El Jem), dating from the 3rd century. The elliptical theatre had room for 60.000 spectators.


Sidi Bou Said

Sidi Bou said is one of those tourist traps that retains its charm no matter how many loud tourists walk the streets. Sidi Bou Said is really just the one main road, going up the hill, ending in many fantastically situated cafés overlooking theGulfofTunis




Holy city of Kairouan

Considered one of Islam’s holy cities, Kairouan features sacred buildings as well as early mosques. The place also featured souvenir stores where local products like carpets can be purchased for affordable costs. Many tourists visit the place every September to observe the famous A Fantasia (also known as the Equestrian Festival.




Sbeitla is a small town in north-centralTunisia. Nearby are the Roman ruins of Sufetula, containing the best preserved Forum temples inTunisia.



Oasis of Chebika


Locals and foreigner alike know this oasis by its legendary name, the Castle of the Sun (Qsar el Shams). This beautiful and sun streaked wonder is found in the least popular desert town north of the great Tunisian chotts. Chebika Oasis features a breath-taking blue lake,  severalhot springs, and even a small waterfall.


Archaeological sites of Dougga


Standing high on the side of a valley Dougga is the best-preserved Roman city in the North Africa.It was originally the seat of the Numidian king Massinissa, but was under Roman administration from the second century AD.It was accorded World Heritage Site status by UNISCO in 1997.


Chott El Djerid salt lake

The largest, the Chott el Jerid, covers 5.000 km2 at the most, and lies in the middle of Tunisia, close to the Algerian border, the Landscape is really magnificent ,colors of dry land goes from yellow, over golden brown to purple red, and in some parts (but very rare) you can see little holes filed with water with wreaths of salt around.


Bulla Regia

Bulla Regia is unique among the numerous archaeological sites in Tunisia because its domestic architecture was constructed below ground. Scholars have hypothesized that the houses were built in this manner in order to alleviate the intense heat. Most of the ornate mosaics adorning the houses have remained in situ, and visitors can view the elaborate polychrome mosaics in their original context.


Thuburbo Majus 

This is one of the biggest ruins city in Tunisia. It's at a few kilometers of Zagouhan (70km of Tunis).



Great Mosque in Kairouan

Every city inTunisiahas a Great Mosque, but the Great Mosque in Kairouan is the most important of all. It is the oldest Muslim place of worship in Africa and is commonly regarded as the fourth holiest site in Islam (afterMecca,Medina, andJerusalem).



Avenue Habib Bourguiba

Previously called Casino Municipal de Tunis. it is one of the rare Art Nouveau style theatres in the world. It was Conceived by architect Jean Emile Resplandy built by italian promoters, so it combines italian perfect technique and french raffinement,. The best actors and music performers have performed here.



Al Marsa‎

La Marsa is a coastal town at the north ofTuniscovering a small space on the shore with more than 70 , 000 of inhabitance.. ThebeachofLa Marsais highly admired for the small white houses strchtching along about 5-6 meters away from the beach . Another fascinating feature of thebeachofLa Marsais the large planatation of the summer houses off the beach that can be seen from the TGM station of the town


Carthage Land, Hammamet

A charming park between Sousse and Hammamet in Tunisia. Classic fairground rides, a mini zoo and a water park feature.



Jerba Island


Jerba Island is the largest island in the Gulf of Gabes, off the coast of Tunisia. is the center of the Al-Ibadhiyah sect of Islam and also has a noted Jewish minority. La Griba Synagogue is one of the holiest Jewish sites in North Africa. It draws pilgrims every May from across the country.