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Located on the continent of Africa, across the Straight of Gibraltar from Spain,Morocco is a country that has a long interesting history and culture that some people might find fascinating and want to explore.

Morocco is a mixture of old world charm and modern Muslim atmosphere. The country is a conglomeration of various cultures including Spanish, French, African, Berber and British, and the variety of things to see and do is just as diverse.

It has a timeless quality that no longer exists in the modern world, a sense that the past with all its glory and savagery still lives on, threading in and out of the present, informing with its every word and gesture.

Visitors come to experience everything from exploring the arid dessert to tracking down exotic fabrics and foods in cosmopolitan markets. Head for the mountains for beautiful trekking opportunities or stick to beach resorts of the Atlantic coast. Whatever your interest, we guarantee your trip to Morocco wont be forgotten..







The city has a history which is centuries old and has seen several rulers ruling the kingdom thus influencing the tourism of the present city a lot. The city is long visited by the tourists for its numerous monuments. Some of them are:


  • The Red City
  • Jemaa el Fnaa Square
  • Majorelle Garden
  • The Koutoubia Mosque

The city is a paradise for the museum lovers. The city is home to many museums of various interests.




Casablanca is Morocco's largest city and economic heart. Casablanca is one of the largest artificial ports in the world and forms a worth visiting site. The city is even the economic hub of the country, as profound industrial and service sector activity takes places here. The city has an age old reputation of being the headquarters of the industrial zone of the nation.


Fes (Fez)


The most mystical of Morocco's imperial cities,Fez was founded in A.D. 808 by the Moroccan ruler saint Moulay Idris II. Fez became the capital and spiritual center of Morocco. It is still considered Morocco's premier religious city by virtue of its Islamic traditions.




Essaouira is a coastal city in Morocco., It is a place to relax. Whether you stroll the old stone street of the medina, along any portion of the city’s Atlantic coastline or even head south to its camel-laden beaches, you’re sure to leave Essaouira feeling much more refreshed than you did when you arrived.

Essaouria is known for its annual Gnaoua Music Festival that attracts 300,000+ people in June. It also has an expansive beach for surfing called Plage de Safi.



Chefchaouen is small charming city, it is situated in the heart of Morocco's Rif Mountains.

The Medina de Chefchaouen - also known as Chaouen or Xauen - is a small and calm evironment.When entering one of the five entrances of this town we find that we are flooded with the most delightful aromas.It is a feast for the senses as the smell of fresh bread being cooked in ovens or on firewood greets.



Merzouga is a village in the Sahara Desert in Morocco,


Whether you intend to follow in the footsteps of Lawrence of Arabia, watch the sun rise or set over sand dunes, or share your campfire with a Tuareg, Merzouga in the Moroccan Sahara is a must for who is interested in discovering the secrets of this vast and mystifying land.


Jebel Toubkal - Trekking the High Atlas Mountains


Ascents of this 4,000-meter-tall peak, the tallest in northernAfrica, are popular with tourists. Trips usually start from thevillageofImlilat the base of the mountain. Guides are essential if you want to go on this trip, and there are resting places available along the way for some needed breaks.




Meknès, known as the "Versailles of Morocco", is home to a beautiful blend of the Arab, Berber, and French cultures composing modernMorocco.

Meknes is Morocco’s third imperial city, The city offers various historical monuments and natural sites, including the city square Place Hedim; Meknes Royal Golf Course has some of the most beautiful and well-kept gardens; the Lahboul Gardens consist of a zoological garden and an open-air theater; also, the city of Meknes is the nearest to the Roman ruins of Volubilis. 



Dades Valley

The Dades Valley is the principal route between the desert and the ancient trading oases of the Tifilalt. The Dades Gorge  is a scenically beautiful section of the Dades River valley separating theAtlas Mountains from the Anti Atlas.  The Gorge is best known for mesmerizing scenery and the Kasbahs set precariously amongst it overlooking the river below. it's also a wonderful area for private camping safaris.





Tangier is an important port city inMorocco. The history of Tangier is very rich due to the historical presence of many civilisations and cultures.

Mythologically, Tangier is the place where Hercules slew the giant Antaeus and fathered a child (Sophax) by the giant's widow (Tinge) from which the name of the city originates from.

Tangier city is a beautiful city, and a dynamic city with various activities in different sectors, the best way to discover Tangier is to visit it.



Rabat may well be Morocco's most civilized city, yet most travelers pass it by. Rabat is the capital and the second largest city of the Kingdom of Morocco. It is a home to all the Moroccan ministries, the Parliament, the Mohammed V University and some beautiful monuments. It is a cosmopolitan city, with a relaxed atmosphere and almost no hustlers at all. One of the must-see attractions is the Medina of Rabat, which is in the older part of the city, it has a lot to offer, it is a curious mix of new and old.


General info.


Capital: Rabat 


Population: 32,309,239


Language: Arabic (official), Berber languages (Tamazight (official), Tachelhit, Tarifit), French (often the language of business, government, and diplomacy)


Currency: Moroccan Dirham


Religion: Muslim 99% (official), Christian 1%, Jewish about 6,000


Climate: Mediterranean, becoming more extreme in the interior

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