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Equatorial Guinea


Equatorial Guinea is on the west coast of equatorial Africa, bordered by Cameroon to the north and Gabon to the south and east.

Equatorial Guinea was initially known as Formosa, which means beautiful in Portuguese.

Foreign visitors are a rarity, so they are often looked upon with curiosity and sometimes with suspicion. However, Equatorial Guineans are very friendly and respectful people

Equatorial Guinea is not on the equator but boasts some fantastic rainforest and animals. You’ll not have to get far off the road traveled to see gorillas, elephants, crocs and chimps—your photo gallery will brim with compelling photos of your adventures. Local markets are also worth exploring if you want to find uniquely designed crafts, hardware, and clothing.

Attractions include the Spanish colonial architecture of Malabo, the beaches, and the tropical rain forests. А certificate of vaccination against yellow fever is required. А valid passport is needed; there are no visa requirements.







Biokno Island’s Beaches


Bioko Island’s only white-sand beach is Arena Blanca, which is best visited during dry season when several butterflies can be seen in the area. Luba is the second biggest city of Bioko and it is another destination and it is less crowded and seldom frequented by tourists unlike Arena Blanca.





Bata is a great town to visit after the capital, 125 miles away by boat, to see the difference in culture between the island and mainland life. Most visits include the beaches on the surrounding coasts and include a trip to the markets, but you should also stop by the Plaza del Reloj, or clock square, or just walk along the Maritime Walkway.





Malabo is the capital and largest city of Equatorial Guinea with a total population of about 100,000. It is located on the northern coast of Bioko Island and was founded in 1827. It is the administrative, cultural and economical heart of the country and for many travellers it forms a stepping stone for a visit elsewhere in the country or on Bioko Island.