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Cape Verde


Cape Verde is a country in West Africa. It comprises a group of islands of the Atlantic Ocean, west of Senegal.


The archipelago of 9 islands has recently been attracting more and more island hoppers looking for a tropical destination that’s still relatively unknown and secluded. The islands’ blend of Brazilian and West African cultures boosts the excitement level ofCape Verde..


The main tourist attractions inCape Verdecan be found in its major towns, such as Sal,Santiago, Sao Vincente andPraia. Some of the most popular activities and tourist attractions include the Pedra Lume Salt Crater, the beautiful sandy beaches and the vibrant, bustling nightlife. The latter is one reason whyCape Verdehas grown in popularity with holidaymakers over recent years, while the tropical climate and unspoilt scenery are two more.


So whether you're looking for a last minute getaway or want to book that dream all inclusive holiday,Cape Verdeis wild, wondrous and waiting to whip your breath away.




Sal – The Sunniest Island


SalIslandis very close to the West African coast ofSenegaland is the most developed of all the islands. Sal has the largest number of tourists visiting within the group of islands many of which come for the watersports. Scuba diving is very popular due to the vast and colourful sea life which can be found there.



Boa Vista – The Cosy Island


 Located in the Atlantic Ocean at the eastern edge of theCape Verdeisland chain,BoaVistaIslandwill provide you with that "Robinson Crusoe" feeling whenever you wander down the nearest beach as sand dunes are far more plentiful than sun-loungers and turtles far out-number the tourists arriving on the shores of this paradise island inCape Verde.


Santiago – The Fertile Island


Santiago, the most African of the islands and the largest in the Archipelago, is a wonderful fusion of the bestCape Verdehas to offer. Head off into the interior and you’ll discover a landscape of mountain peaks and fertile valleys rich with manioc and banana plantations and national parks which offer some beautiful walking.


São Vicente – The Cultural Island


São Vicenteis a beautiful island and the most cultural of the islands with a rich tradition of music and art.

 Situated to the north-west of the archipelago the interior of the island has a dramatic mountainous terrain, and the coastal areas offer golden sand beaches. Visitors are almost always guaranteed sunny skies with a warm, dry climate and no hurricane season. There are also no mosquitoes.


Santo Antão – The Mountainous Island


Santo Antao holidays will provide a uniqueCape Verdeisland experience. The island’s untouched natural beauty is simply mesmerizing. Tall volcanic mountains intertwined with lush valleys of banana, coffee and sugar plantations encircled by dramatic coastline laced by blue Atlantic waters.


São Nicolau – The Pristine Island


 TheIslandofSão Nicolauhas a surface of 346 Km² and is in a relatively central location with relation to the country’s remaining islands. It is a very mountainous island and, as with the remaining islands, its dominant landscape is associated to the erosion action upon ancient volcanic structures.


Maio – The Secluded Island


Maio is a tranquil and an almost forgotten island with extensive stretches of unspoilt white sandy beaches trimmed with coconut palms and exotic flora. Maio's splendid sand dunes and white beaches are some of the longest of theCape Verdeislands archipelago.


Fogo – The Volcanic Island


 Fogo offers an unforgettable experience for keen walkers and all those looking for an adventurous holiday. This friendly island offers some of the most striking scenery in the entire group. Fogo is an extraordinarily beautiful volcanic island, dominated byMountFogo, an active volcano with a 5 mile wide crater, rising to an amazing 9000 feet.


Brava – The Floweriest Island


Brava is perhaps the most beautiful ofCape Verde's islands. It is a magical place;CapeVerdeanscall Brava, "the island of flowers." But this entirely misses the point of Brava's beauty. Brava is like a journey back in time to a period when life was simpler, to a place where you walk along narrow, country lanes lined with beautiful flowers. You won't find airports, shopping malls or large hotels here.