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Cameroon is located in east Africa. It is located in a tough neighborhood surrounded by some problematic countries. But for the more adventurous type that like to go off the beaten path,Cameroon offers a wealth of activities and beautiful destinations to keep the spirit of adventure alive.Cameroon always has something or the other to serve you with.


From history to art to culture to the outdoors, Cameroon attractions are plentiful Comprehensive information on Cameroon’s tourist attractions, historic monuments, sightseeing tours, outdoor activities, cultural activities,beaches,waterfalls..


Cameroonis distinguished by its diverseness. On an area of some 475,442 km2  you can find various landscapes, more than 200 population groups, modern cities as well as traditional villages, palaces, beautiful beaches, tropical rain forests and tall mountains. You will find about anythingAfricahas to offer in this country!






The La Chefferie De Bafut, located near Bamenda, contains about 50 buildings. These buildings are terracotta structures with tiled roofs. There is a religious consideration in building these structures. The central structure known as Achum is architecturally and religiously most important.



Waza  National Park


WazaNational ParkisCameroon’s most accessible and rewarding wildlife-viewing experience. Access to the park itself might be tricky. However, visitors get a chance to observe various animals like the elephant, giraffe, ostrich, antelope, gazelle and lion. Moreover, there are a variety of birds to be observed. Lions are best observed during April.


Bandjoun Museum


TheBandjounMuseumconstitutes over one hundred noteworthy objects of the cultural and artistic heritage of Bandjoun which is one of the main centers of artistic creation and tradition inCameroon.



Akwa Palace


Located in the heart ofDouala, theHotelAkwaPalacecombines the traditional colonial charm with the modern comfort in a warm and refined setting. The Hotel is in the vicinity of the cultural and tourist centre as well as in the middle of the business district of Douala, the economic capital ofCameroon.



la pagoda


The Pagoda is the old Royal Palace of Cameroon. It was built by Rudolph Managa Bell, who helped fight against the Germans. The Pagoda was later used for the Assembly House whenCameroonbecame liberated.


Lamido Grand Mosque


Lamido Grand Mosque is a mosque in N'Gaoundere,Cameroon.


Kribi Beach Resort


Cameroonbeach vacation and wildlife gives you the opportunity to experience natural as well as cultural realities ofCameroon. Relax on the beaches of KribiCameroon.



Menchum River Waterfalls


MenchumFallsis a beautiful tourist destination and has the ability to stream to all countries in the region ofWest Africato produce. Menchum falls, about 20km south of Wum and 30 km north of Bafut, are impressive and a potential tourist attraction. However, the access road is very rough, and the observation site is not well maintained. A


Cameroon Mountain


CameroonMountainis an isolated volcanic mass, covering 800 square miles and towering higher than any other mountain inWestern Africa. It is also the nearest African mountain to any sea coast, as it rises from the waters of theGulfofGuinea, a spectacular site when viewed from sea.