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Burundi is a charming small African country with soaring mountains and relaxed lakeside communities, situated in east-central Africa.


Burundiis a wonderful destination due to its climate and its many tourist attractions like its natural resources, historic sites, cultural customs and heritage.


It offers tourists a one of a kind journey - home to one third of the world remaining Mountain Gorillas, one third of Africa's bird's species, several species of primates, volcanoes, game reserve, resorts and islands on the expansive lake Kivu, graceful dancers, artistic crafts and friendly people.





Kibira National Park


Perched on the top of Congo-Nile ranges, between 1550 and 2660m of altitude, Kibira park is a majestic primeval rainy forest covering 40,000hectares. Former sacred hunting reserve for the kings ofBurundi, it is today instituted a protected area and is habitat to some 98 mammal species, a dozen of primates (numerous families of chimpanzees, baboons, tailed monkeys, black colobus), but also some 200 species of birdlife.



Rusizi National Reserve


Located ten kilometers fromBujumbura, theRusiziNational Parkconstitutes the last refuge of wildlife in the lower Rusizi. This park is a real “bird paradise” because of the many sites of nesting and roosting for both migratory and sedentary species of waterbirds. Explore closer the hippo, numerous birds and the joining point betweenRusiziRiverand Lake Tanganyika;Belvedere Climb offering a nice view ofBujumburacity ,Independance hero mounument.





Burundi's capital city,Bujumbura, is located in the north eastern tip ofLake Tanganyika. It is a vibrant place.

The attractions of the city include : The “Musée vivant” with ethnographic collections and animals, Rwagasore’s mausoleum and the monument of the unity in Kiriri quarter, The central market ofBujumbura,Sandybeaches,RusiziPark, Cabarets, karaoke bars..


Saga Beach


Although it's got nothing on nearbyKenyaandTanzania,Burundi's beaches along the coast ofLake Tanganyikaare surprisingly attractive. The sand is white and powdery, and the waves should keep the Bilharzia at bay.SagaBeach, which is the most developed stretch of sand along the lake, lies about 5km (3mi) northwest of the capital.