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Burkina Faso


Burkina Faso, formerly Upper Volta, is a landlocked country in West Africa. It is surrounded by six countries:Malito the north,Nigerto the east, Beninto the south east,Togo and Ghanato the south, and Côte d'Ivoireto the south west.


The main industry inBurkina Fasois agriculture, with the majority of the total workforce in the country being employed by this sector. It relies heavily on the exportation of cotton and gold to bring in the majority of its wealth.


Burkina Fasois the safest and friendliest country in the whole ofAfrica. It has attracted tourists since a long time. The major attractions are the historical buildings which include museums, national parks, zoological gardens, lakes and waterfalls. Other major attractions ofBurkina Fasoare the mosques and mausoleums.


There are various places of tourists’ interest in the country, serving all types of people. There is something or the other for every and everyone in this West African country.






The Ruins of Loropéni


The ruins of Loropéni in south-westBurkina Fasolisted as part of the World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. The Loropeni ruins are part of the larger Lobi Ruins, a 120-mile-by-60-mile cultural landscape, created between the 16th and 19th centuries. The ruins of Loropéni are made up of laterite quarry stones cut to size as well as natural blocs of stone to form the 6 m high wall surrounding a vast, abandoned site.




Arli National Park


National Park often Arli is a national park located in southeasternBurkina Faso. It adjoinsBenin'sPendjariNational Parkin the South and the Singou Reserve in the West.


TheArliNational Parkis set in 760 square kilometres with a wide variety of habitats, ranging from the gallery forests of the Arli and Pendjari rivers to savanna woodland and sandstone hills of the Gobnangou chain.



Ouagadougou National Museum of Burkina Faso


The National Museum of Ouagadougou represents the different cultures and tribes ofBurkina Faso. TheArcheologicalMuseumand Stone Carvings of Pobé Mengao, located in the town ofDjibo, are available for people interested in the different stories of the land’s "men of integrity.” TheHouetProvincialMuseum(aka The Museum of Bobo-Dioulasso) explores various cultures fromBurkina Faso.




The Peaks of Sindou


You sure wouldn’t want to miss the chance to see the “Peaks of Sindou”. Classified by the UN as a world treasure, it is a sandstorm chain attracting tourists and musicians of different countries.


These sandstorm chain is quite remote. The way to Sindou is navigable only in dry season, that’s why it can be very dusty. The Peaks of Sindou can be considered as impressive art pieces of nature.



Banfora Natural Waterfall


One of the best attractions in Banfora is  the Natural Waterfall of Banfora which attracts each year over three thousand (3000) tourists. It is a heavenly place and tourists can take the opportunity to relax there




Lake of Tengrela


LakeofTengrelais a small lake near Banfora inBurkina Faso. It is known for its hippopotamuses. Locals believe that these hippopotamuses do not attack humans because they are sacred hippopotamuses. It is 2km long and 1.5 km wide.